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UK Endusers meeting, Brighton 17/9/2013

1. KEYNOTE Nigle Hoad, Environment Agency - Chalk Aquifer: Present and Future Issues
2. Martin Smith - Project Overview
3. Pascal Tarits - Geophysical observation of the Chalk unsaturated zone
4. Kevin Hiscock - Modelling of recharge and water level with climate change
5. David Pope - Prediction of the effect of climate change on local ground water levels
6. Martin Smith - Climatic influences on Groundwater chemistry
7. KEYNOTE Mike Packman, Southern Water - The Brighton and Hove Chalk groundwater model
8. Richard Phillips - Experimental investigation of treated waste water discharge to the Chalk aquifer
9. Tanguy le Borgne - Impact of climate change on water resources in fractured crystalline rocks
10. Tom Read - Borehole experiments using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) for fracture flow, vertical flow, and thermal properties estimation
11. Virgine Vergnaud - Groundwater Dating: A tool for better groundwater management